About “Areas of ethics”

A basic part of the INCET website is the “Areas of ethics” module. It consists of a home page, which apart from these instructions includes a List of areas and a corresponding number of additional pages devoted to individual areas of ethics.

Each such page contains a system of links to various collections of information about a given area of ethics. These can be found either on the INCET website itself, or in the databases of Diametros - An Online Philosophy Service, or on certain external websites. The collections can be accessed either thematically or by data class. For example, the Bioethics / Medical Ethics page includes topics such as abortion, euthanasia, transplants, and each of these can include data subclasses such as “links”, “literature”, “texts”, “debates”, etc. Concrete collections of information can therefore be searched either by using the thematic classes found on the Topics subpage or by selecting the appropriate data class listed in the left menu. And so, for example, the collection of links to pages about abortion can be accessed either as a subset within the thematic class of Abortion, or as a subset in the Links class.